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WELCOME to Inter-Harz GmbH


Chemicals, Raw Materials and Ingredients
are our job

Import – Export – Cross Trade


raw materials for cosmetics, detergents, miscellaneous chemicals, oils, fatty acids and alcohols

Marketing and Distributorship Germany

indoor and outdoor service for importing customs clearance, warehousing, delivery just in time, financing, own outdoor service for covering Germany and neighbouring countries

Service for Industries

service for supply raw materials to international cosmetic companies with production abroad

Raw Materials for Food

raw materials for multiple application in food industry, products for soft drinks, chocolate, ice cream and bakery industry and for colouring

Pharma Ingredients

APIs and Excipients


LOXIOL lubricants and EDENOL plasticizer for PVC processing
Antifogging, Antiblocking agents, also for clorine free plastics

Products for Animals

raw materials for animal feed, pet food, stable hygiene products,
marketing, indoor and own outdoor service