Inter-Harz GmbH

ACTIVITIES of Inter-Harz GmbH, Elmshorn/Germany

in the field of “International Marketing of Chemicals”
and in the department “Service for Industries”

We buy and sell all products in our own right and our own name.
We deliver world-wide (Far East, Near East, Africa, North and Latin America, Europe and also within Germany).
We store in 5 warehouses, located throughout Germany and one in Antwerp for Intermediate storage for import and crosstrade.
1 warehouse is temperature controlled according to GMP/GDP guidelines.
We currently store some 400 different products. showing a value of approximately 9.8 Mio €. This is necessary for prompt delivery.
We ship by sea, air, road/rail, courier service, FOB, CIF, DDU, DDP.
We do all the handling, like packing, palletizing, marking.
We store containers, organize mixed container loads and truck loads (up to 40 different items each load).
We draw up all export documents, including custom’s clearance arrangements.
We make all necessary arrangements with consulates, export controls for specific products.
We assume all banking operation, including L/C.
In view of our suppliers we assume delcredere risk.
Beside of our standard business of chemicals we also supply spare parts, packing material etc. on special request of our customers.
On request of our customers we do market research for specific products and suppliers.
We provide this service since 1993, our FLEXIBILITY and RELIABILITY is widely recognized.