Inter-Harz GmbH


EMERY Oleochemicals, Düsseldorf/Germany


EMERY Oleochemicals is manufacturing in factories of former owners Henkel and Cognis
Fatty acids, distilled, saturated and unsaturated
Glycerin, USP, BP, E
Triacetin (Glycerol Triacetate)
LOXIOL lubricants for PVC and other plastics
Inter-Harz GmbH as sole Export Distributor is exporting world-wide these products in case of
» small orders (LCL shipments)
» mixed container loads
» mixed container loads with products of other origins
Standard is that Inter-Harz takes full truckloads or major quantities into their warehouse for shipments of smaller size later-on after receiving corresponding orders.
We assume all necessary work, like
» storage, palletizing, packing of containers, shipping FOB and CIF etc.
» export documentation, customs clearance, L/C procedures etc.
» assuming delcredere risk, this means we buy from EMERY in our own name and sell to customers on same basis
» we keep EMERY free from all routine work in case of small and minimum sized orders, mixed container loads and worldwide air freights.

This reduces for EMERY the COMPLEXITY in export trade.
For further information regarding Oleo Basics (fatty acids, glycerin etc.) and Oleo Specialties (LOXIOLS and EDENOLS) please visit the website of Emery Oleochemicals, too: