Inter-Harz GmbH



Fatty Alcoholsunsaturated F.A. (C16-C18)
saturated F.A.
Coconut-Oil-based F.A. (C12-C18)
Palm-Oil-based F.A.
individual chain length
Lauryl Alcohol, Myristyl Alcohol, others
Fatty Acidsall current types based on
Coconut Oil
Palm Oil
saturated fatty acid, cosmetic grade
distilled, purity up to 98/99%
Lauric, Myristic, Palmitic, Stearic, others

Unsaturated fatty acid
Oleic, Linoleic

distilled fatty acids

Sunflower, Canolla/Rapeseed, Palm, Coconut, others

Hydrogenated Castor Oil
Oxy Stearic Acid

Other qualities/blends, also Pharma Grade on request
Oils, Cosmetic GradeCoconut Oil
Castor Oil
Others on request
TriacetinGlycerol Triacetate
Methyl-Esterof all current types of F.A., like rapeseed and others
Chemicalsfor detergents (household and industrial), cosmetics, etc.
We handle some 1000 products for all applications in cosmetics, please inquire.
Chemicalsfor coatings and inks
Chemicalsfor lubricating and grease producing industry
Chemicalsfor fire extinguisher
PharmaAPIs and excipients
- oily components
- emulsifier
- fats for consistency adjustment
- cream bases
- hard fats for suppositories
PlasticLubricants for PVC (LOXIOLS)
Lubricants for other plastics
Antistatic agent, antifogging agent, etc.
Special plasticizer

Lead-stabilized compounds for PVC-pipe-production and injection moulding