Inter-Harz GmbH



Foundation:October 1st, 1993
Founder:Klaus H. Harz and Dieter Landsberger.
In 1996, Felix Bommer joined the company as a shareholder. Dieter Landsberger stopped his professional activity in June 2014.
Inter-Harz GmbH
Location:1993 Office foundation in Elmshorn (near Hamburg) – small rented office.

1999 Expansion and relocation into two company–owned, two-floor office buildings in Sparrieshoop (near Elmshorn / Hamburg), plus 2,000 m² of land.

2011 Further expansion and construction of another office building, plus another 2,000 m² of land.

2016 Completion of a third Office building on 7,000 m² of land: Future Headquarter

2018 Completion of a fourth building (storage space)

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Office Staff:46 Employees
Inter-Harz GmbH Activities
1993:First activity: Raw material for animal feed, mainly feeding oils and fats, dairy products, etc.
Export/Distribution of basic fatty materials for Henkel Group department, which became Cognis (owned by BASF since 2011), and Emery Düsseldorf. Fatty acids, fatty alcohols, esters, etc.
1998:New division: Export/Import of Chemicals (in particular, for cosmetics and detergent industries)
2000:New division: Service for Industry – Worldwide supply of raw materials for cosmetics production. Service partner of multinational companies in the cosmetics industry.
2012:5 Divisions:
» Service for Industries – Russia, Ukraine
» Service for Industries – Germany and international markets
(Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Africa, etc.)
» Import/Export/Cross Trade for Chemicals and Ingredients
(mainly for cosmetics and detergent industries)
» Export/Distribution worldwide
» Raw Materials for animal feed, yeasts, feed-fats, premixes, etc.
2014:Sales Office for area Rhein-Ruhr, Frankfurt, Mannheim
» 5 Warehouses in different locations in Germany for long-term storage
» 1 Warehouse in Antwerp for intermediate storage
Common Principles of our work
» “Reliability and first-class service sense make business friends.”
» Inter-Harz GmbH buys, sells and handles all products under its own name and own account.
» We assume del credere risk.
Experience and Excellence in Service
» We handle approximately 5,000 export orders per year, plus approximately 2,000 orders for European and German customers.
» We supply about 1,200 different products.
» We store about 400 products in 5 warehouses.
» We pack mixed truckloads and mixed container loads, up to 40 different products and more.
» We manage orders of all sizes, from 1 kg-bag-size shipping up to multiple tons and more: FCL, LCL sea freight, air freight and truck/rail transport.
» We supply packing material, spare parts and other items on request and deliver complete service to our customers.
» We trace new raw materials.
» We identify new suppliers.
» Inter-Harz GmbH is the ideal partner to reduce complexity in raw-material purchasing and handling
Inter-Harz GmbH Corporate Governance Principles
» We have long-term and trusting business relationships with our business partners and customers.
» Reliability and first-class service is our motto.
» We have service-orientated, highly experienced personnel, whose aim is to build excellent relationships to both, suppliers and customers.
» We know that personal development and responsibility are the motors for success and the basis requirement for fun, satisfaction and motivation.
» We offer high flexibility to respond to all special requirements of our business partners.
Certificates GMP+ and ISO Certification
ISO 9001:2015
GMP+ B3 (2007)
GDP-Compliance according to EU-GMP-Guideline Part II
ECOCERT IMO Deutschland GmbH - Certification for products based on Organic Agriculture
Certification of the VETERINARY and FOODSTUFF CONTROL AUTHORITY for the area of Pinneberg/Elmshorn
Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

RSPO - certified sustainable Palm Oil - licence number 9-1616-16-100-00
Chamber of Industry and Commerce Kiel/Elmshorn, Germany
Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, Mumbai/India
VDC - Association of firms engaged in wholesale and foreign trade in drugs and chemicals, Hamburg/Germany
VHE - Association of Hamburg Exporters, Hamburg
DVT - German association of animal feed production, Bonn/Germany
Fairs and Exhibitions
Inter-Harz is regularly taking part as exhibitor in the following fairs and exhibitions:
EuroTier - Hannover, Germany
SEPAWA CONGRESS - Berlin, Germany