Inter-Harz GmbH


punkt_schwarz   Decisive reduction of time-consuming office work like sourcing of special products (often urgently needed for production), ordering and controlling.
punkt_schwarz   Reduction of routine work, labour hours in plant and warehouse, cost reduction and increase of efficiency.
One supplier instead of numerous.
Flexibility, also in times of excessive work-load.
Decisive cost-reduction in the fields of freighting, custom’s clearance, etc.
Less work-load in the plant (one arrival of delivery instead of numerous).
Less working for controlling, book-keeping, payment, documentation, etc.

Our work as a SERVICE PARTNER:
We work in our own name but strictly according to the rules agreed upon with our partner.
We just supply goods of suppliers, approved by our partners, quality and characteristics clearly defined.
We care for analytical datas, MSDS, etc. for each delivery.
We do intermediate storage (5 warehouses throughout Germany and one in Antwerp).
We organize and handle consignment stores.
We do LCL and FCL shipments, also mixed FCL, freighting by sea, by land or air freighting. Mixed containers and truck-loads contain often 20 – 100 different products.
We offer FOB and CIF as well as DDU handling.
We ship to all parts of the world, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Latin America, USA and Canada.
We do financing and assume delcredere risk.
We communicate in English, Russian, Spanish, French, German.
In short –
We assume all routine work, mainly for supplying raw materials which normally consumes a great deal of manpower.
This work can just be successfully done if confidentiality is fully respected.
The reputation of Inter-Harz is a guarantee for this.