Inter-Harz GmbH

MARKETING in Germany and neighbouring countries
as distributor or trader in

Chemicals – Feed/Food Additives – Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Services MarketingOutdoor Service in Sales and Marketing by our team of sales manager (employees of Inter-Harz) who are in daily contact with customers and potential users.

46 employees indoor, as general marketing manager and for customer service. They are all experienced, service orientated businesspeople, who enjoy an excellent reputation in the market.

Of course, also our marketing manager, who are based in their home offices, are traveling for backing up.
Services DeliveriesActivities:
Importing and customs clearance
Storage and Repacking
5 contracted warehouses all over Germany
Consignment stock
Delivery to customers “just in time”
Invoicing and Financing / Delcredere risk
Cosmetic Industry,
Soap and Detergents Industry,
Mineral Oil Industry, Grease Manufacturing Industry,
Corrosion Inhibitor
Chemical Industry in general
Culture MediaExclusive Distributor of MARCOR DEVELOPMENT, Carlstadt, NJ/USA
Peptones, Protein-Hydrolysates, Yeast Autolysates,
Supplier of Dry Culture Medias
PharmaPharmaceutical Raw Material and Intermediates
Animal FeedExclusive Distributor of Diamond V, Cedar Rapids/ IOWA/USA
Raw Materials for Animal Feed Industry and Premix Manufacturers
TerritoryWhole territory of Germany and adjacent countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary
Benefits for suppliersInter-Harz team of job-orientated, highly efficient experienced persons in sales and customer service

Inter-Harz service, quick and efficient

Inter-Harz facilities for import, warehousing, repacking, delivery just in time, financing/delcredere risk

Inter-Harz knowledge and experience of Germany Industry and last but not least,
Inter-Harz reputation to be a reliable, service orientated business partner
MottoWe are the right people to build up your market in Germany and to boost your sales.